• Snell Family Photos

    This adorable family asked me to shoot their last family photos in Chicago before they moved back to California. I was lucky enough to nanny for a few months for them and was able to get a few glamour shots of miss Lucy. 


  • Heather & Jake's Engagement Session

    I was honored to shoot my best friend of 20 years engagement photos. Heather and jake will be married this summer in August! We grew up in the Saint Charles/Geneva area and both have spent time living in Chicago. Sooo we did 2 sessions! One in the burbs and one in Chicago!  

  • Morrison Architectural Planning Strategies

    I recently had the opportunity to shoot headshots, as well as architectural photos, for Morrison Architectural Planning Strategies (MAPS) who are based here in Chicago. They are a fairly  relatively new company comprised of experts working in the fields or architecture, engineering, and design who aim to streamline the development cycle of architectural projects. 

    MAPS president, Heather Morrison, reached out to have asked me to do new headshots done for the updated website. It was agreed that a simple white background and a slight off balance of space would give the images a professional yet creative look. 

    Take a look at some of the final images below and head over to http://www.map-strategies.com/ to check out some of my architectual photography....hint check out TheWit and Arclight Cinemas under the portfolio page.

  • Hilbrenner Family

    The Hilbrenner family wanted to have fun, candid, and relaxed family photos in the city before their move to the suburbs this past fall. The kiddos loved the camera and fought for attention at any chance they could get! 

    Here are some of the final images



  • Oh Alex

    Oh Alex

    Pretty Alex being pretty and modely on our shoot today 

  • Christmas in California

    This past Christmas I got to spend time in sunny California instead of being in the freezing Chicago weather. It had been a year since I got to see my sister, her husband and my adorable niece. Most of the pictures are of Llewella. I couldn't help it. We spent our time between our grandparents house, Santa Monica Beach, and most importantly Disneyland. Here are few of the images from our trip! 

    A little late at posing these...but better late than never!?


    Llewella didn't like the water all that much...