CATRIN SARAH is a Chicago based fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographer. She graduated with a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. 

Catrin Sarah’s images strive to create an overlap between fashion portraiture and fine art photography. As a fashion photographer, the foundation of her work is in her composition, the manipulation of a variety of lighting, which creates moody and evocative light effects and images. Her photographs involve a collaboration of model, stylist and photographer. 

Catrin Sarah is interested in creating images that make the viewer take notice not only of the fashion but the model as well. She wants the viewers to see a powerful image and find themselves wanting to know the person who effortlessly and confidently wears the clothing featured. She wants to tell a story through her fashion photography that will make the audience want the clothing as well as the attitude, confidence and beauty the model projects.

C O N T A C T  Catrin Sarah Reyes

C H I C A G O,  I L